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Collin Letts is a maker, with an awareness that our built environments have the ability to inspire and transform us. Experience working in the fine art foundry, custom fabrication, and industrial millwork industries, coupled with a fine art degree, provide him with perspective, resources, and knowhow for small and large projects. An advocate for public art spaces, Collin worked with the Bozeman Sculpture Park Board of Directors, civic and private stakeholders, and artists to establish a premier sculpture park in Bozeman, Montana. He is glad to have lived, studied, and worked in Colorado, Montana,  Alaska, and Texas. His shop and studio are now located in Salt Lake City, Utah. His work can be found in public and private collections. 


Exploration of form, aesthetic, material, and technique fuels my work. I am intrigued by human ingenuity, creativity, resilience, and the ability to transform an idea into a tangible reality. I believe in the well made and I aspire to create both artistic and functional works that will withstand the test of time. I revere the maker, and those who are committed to quality craftsmanship, good design, and the intrinsic value of art.  

I sculpt, design, and make furniture and jewelry because I love the process. I explore the interface between each practice while allowing one to inform the other. I employ and value the monolithic qualities of stone, the timeless nature of wood, the industrial and pragmatic properties of steel, the resilience of bronze, and the emotion of color.       

Our built environments have the ability to enrich the human experience. Technology and science show us how our sensory organs respond to our physical surroundings. Research is answering questions about the effect place has on our physiology and empirical evidence is proving that well designed spaces contribute to wellbeing and healing. My work in and out of the studio is committed to enhancing public and private spaces.

Representation: Cello - Design and Art for Daily Living  |  2 West Main Street, Bozeman MT 59715  |  |